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MP3Tagger 3.0 ??



MP3Tagger is a little utility I wrote when I got tired of using my MP3 player to edit the MP3 tags. It's purpose is to allow the user to edit the tags as simple and fast as possible. 

MP3Tagger runs under both Windows 95/98 and Windows NT. 

MP3Tagger is donated to freeware, which means it's free, and you can copy/spread/bottlemessage it as much as you like. 

  • View the MP3's with their tags in an orderly list 
  • Edit multiple tag's at once, like change the artistname for 15 mp3's, but leave the titles as they are! 
  • Let the program search for mp3 files through all your directories. 
  • Create and manage playlist. 
  • Rename the files according to the tags (use title, artist name, year, album name) 
  • Create tags according to the file names. 
  • Delete files 
  • Start your MP3 player from the editor 
  • and more... 

click here for a more detailed screenshot. 

Current software version is 2.0 

Version 2.0 means a *major* update! 

New / changed features in ver. 2.0: 

  • Added: styles/genre support (finally!) thanx to Martijn. 
  • Added: the program now also runs under NT (again... thanx to Martijn) 
  • Added: Recursive dir support -> the program searches all dirs from the current dir, and allows you to edit them all to! (Thanx to Zach for he idea, and to Zach & Tim for testing) 
  • Added: read tag from filename, let the program fill in the tag according to the filename. (thanx to Ralf Kohlmeier) 
  • Added: you can now change the function which sits under DoubleClick (Thanx to Johan). 
  • Added: the program is able to sort all MP3s by clicking on the header like in the explorer 
  • Changed: I tried to reduce the flashing of the text in the help window 
  • Changed: the select all (ctrl-A) function is made faster (Thanx to Jim Wood) 
  • Changed: I tried to make the aboutbox a little more attractive. 
  • Bugfix: If you tried to edit a mp3 which is placed in the root of a drive, the program would give an error. 
  • Bugfix: well, sort of, you couldn't rename a file to more than 30 characters. (thanx to Maurice) 
  • Changed: the background image is included in the program again. 
Download MP3Tagger: 
MP3Tag200.exein the Netherlands 
MP3Tag200.exe in the USA (http) 
It is possible that I'll remove the link in the Netherlands, due to traffic limits. The link(s) to the USA won't be removed though. 

If you have any questions, complains, advice, bugreports, money, good ideas, or anything else you want to tell / give me, you can mail me at bosma@xs4all.nl. ICQ# 3293663. 

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(* means you can download MP3Tagger here)

Sites where you can find MP3Tagger:
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*Who will help me out??*

I once had one review on MP3Tagger, in japanese or korean or so, anyway, i can't read it :-(
so it would be great if anyone could help my, by sending an english translation of the following url:


just mail it to me please: bosma@xs4all.nl
only thing I can offer is a place in the about box of MP3Tagger 8*)


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