News on MP3Tagger 3.0



I've received alot of mail from people asking when I'm ever going to release MP3Tagger 3.0, the answer is  -sorry-  never...

This has a few reasons, and I've sent an email about this to everyone on my "MP3Tagger mailinglist", and you can read it here:

> Hi,

> After having lots of trouble with some 3th party software I
> used in MP3Tagger (one of the reasons the development kinda
> stopped), I decided to rewrite it completly. Functionality will
> be about the same, but I need good ideas for new name, cool
> logos, better gui, new ideas for new functions, comments on
> existing functions... anything is welcome .. !

> let me know

As you can read, development did not stop. I'm working on the "new tagger" real hard, and you can see a screenshot below.


As you can read in the email, I can really use good ideas for this new version. If yo think you can contribute in any way, please mail me on or ICQ me, my UIN is 3293663.

I can't give an promises on releasing this version because I don't know how much time I can put in it, and still need some good ideas, so please help.

Any news on this version can be found on the MP3Tagger homepage.

See you ...

Merijn Bosma.

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